...bringing your PC to heal

Is your PC...

  • Running more slowly than usual?
  • Taking much longer to start up?
  • Going to web-sites you did not select?
  • Behaving strangely?

A recent article said that more than 90% of PCs were infected with some sort of Spyware, Malware or Virus. Furthermore, it is estimated that 1 in 1000 websites are also infected, and can infect your machine just by visiting them. If you suspect you might have an infection, don't wait to see if it gets better - it won't! Call Compudocs. We can scan your PC and remove any infections. Once we've cleaned up your machine, we can then secure it so you shouldn't have this problem again (unless you have teenagers!)

Support Costs

No Call Out Charge - No Fix - No Fee*
Single hour: £30
Mimimum charge: 1 hour
Virus/Malware removal, done at our premises: hourly rate, capped at £80
Network-setup(wired/wireless): from £60 (2 PCs; excluding hardware; £10 each additional PC).
Operating System Re-installation: £80**.
Data Backup: £30
PC Sourcing: Quotations supplied on request***
PC Setup: £60****
Tuition: price by negotiation

*This only applies if we cannot fix the machine. If you choose to get someone else to repair it or send it back under any warranty, an inspection fee will apply.

**Re-installing Windows can take several hours to do properly, i.e. backing up any data first, then making sure the system is secure, has all the relevant drivers installed and is fully up-to-date with Windows Security patches. If not done at our premises, hourly rate applies.

***Brand name PCs supplied, with Windows XP or Windows Vista. Can also build bespoke machines, price on application

****PC setup includes backing up data from your old PC, setting up new PC, monitor, keyboard and mouse, installing your printer, copying your data to the new PC and installing anti-virus and anti-malware software. Additional hardware and software setup by arrangement.


Did you know that if your wireless network is unsecured, anyone near your house with a wireless connection may be able to access your network, use your resources and even access your PC?
We can advise you on the equipment you will need, set up your network - wired or wireless - and make sure it is secure.
We can set up your home or small office network from only £60 - excluding hardware.

Computer Upgrades

Many older machines have as little as 256 Mb of RAM fitted. You could add another 512Mb for a lot less than you'd think, including fitting, and add years to the life expectancy of your PC . A larger hard-drive could also give you that extra storage you require and your data is less prone to loss if it is on a different drive to your Operating System.

Data Backup

If you have an old PC or laptop that no longer works or won't boot, but has data on it that you would like to have, we can often recover that data for you. We can also show you how to back up your data yourself so that you need never lose your pictures or other files in the future.

Contact us...

Telephone: 01506 435537
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Solved! We have seen a huge variety of problems over the years and have solved 99.99% of them. Remember, if we can't fix it, you don't owe us a penny!


Take the pain out of buying a new PC or laptop. We can obtain brand name PCs with the operating system of your choice, and we will match them to your requirements.


If we can give you advice over the phone, it will cost you nothing. So if you have a question, call us!